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Total solution company providing a wide range of engineering services for Gas & Oil Plant, Petrochemical Plant, Power Plant and Steel Structures.

TOMATOENC CO, LTD is located in Busan, South Korea. TOMATOENC is total solution company providing a wide range of mechanical engineering services for Gas & Oil Plant, Petrochemical Plant, Power Plant and Steel Structures. In 2017, this company was born from a split-up between the TOMATO Engineering and renamed itself as TOMATOENC CO, LTD.

The talented officials of this company have been strongly committed to the business with the large scale internal and external companies for over 10 years. And we are currently getting together to ensure the successful completion of ongoing projects.

Our company has highly specialized skills for engineering services of API 650, 625 and 620 storage tank and all kinds of pressure vessel, specializing in the API 620 and 625 double wall storage tank. In the past, we have successfully completed engineering and design works for a number of major projects. Currently, we are responsible for providing complete solution of engineering/fabrication drawing, strength calculation and advanced finite element analysis for several major projects of world wide.

First priority of this company is to be growing as a trustworthy business enterprise.  The best attraction of TOMATOENC is to provide quick and accurate results at low cost based on highly specialized skills and knowhow.

Please take an interest in our company. I'm sure that we can make good relationship in future.


  • Engineering Service for
    “Storage Tanks”

    - Cone Roof Tank, Dome Roof Tank, Floating Roof Tank
    - Double Wall Storage Tank (App. “Q” and App. “R”)
    - Refrigerated Liquefied Gas Storage
    - Spherical Tank

  • Engineering Service for
    “Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger”

    - Pressure Vessel, Reactor, Tower, Drum
    - Heat Exchanger, Condenser, HP/LP Heater
    - Desulfurization Equipment, Absorber, Hopper, Silo
    - ISO Tank Container
    - Mounded storage vessels(bullets)

  • Engineering Service for
    “Steel Structures”

    - Tower Stair, Large Platform, Roof Support Beam (Rafter)
    - Several kinds of Steel Structure

  • Engineering Service for
    “Fuel Tank of LNG Fueled Ship”

    - Type C-Independent Tank
    - Double Wall and Single Wall

  • Engineering Service for
    “Vendor Print Review"
    (Calculation,Drawing,FEA report)

    - All kinds of Storage Tank (CRT, DRT, FRT, DWST)
    - Spherical Tank
    - Steel Structure

  • Engineering Service for
    (Engineering Drawing, Calculation, BOM)

    - All kinds of Storage Tank (CRT, DRT, FRT, DWST)
    - Spherical Tan
    - Steel Structure


  • DESIGN Department Director Do-Hoon, Kim
  • api team CRT, DRT, FRT, DWST, Spherical Tank
  • asme team Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Etc.
  • steel team 2D, 3D Steel Structures, Etc.
  • FEA department CEO/Ph.D Dong-Sung, Park
  • analysis team ANSYS, FLUENT, STAAD Pro.
  • calculation team In-House Code, PV Elite, Compress
- DESIGN Dept: Engineering / Fabrication Drawing, CP & BOM
- FEA Dept: Mechanical / CFD / Steel Structure Analysis, Strength Calculation

applicable codes and standards

- ASME (Sec. VIII & III) Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
- API 650 Welded Tanks for Oil Storage
- API 620 (App. “Q” and App. “R”) Design and Construction of Large, Welded, Low-pressure Storage Tank
- API 625 Refrigerated Liquefied Gas Storage Tank 
- BS EN 14015Specification for the design for the storage tank of liquids at ambient temperature and above
- BS EN 14620Design of steel tanks for the storage of refrigerated, liquefied gases with operating temperatures (0~165deg.C)
- BS 7777-1Flat-bottomed, vertical, cylindrical storage tanks for low temperature service
- AISC 360 Specification for structural steel buildings(LRFD, ASD)
- EEMUA Guide for the design and use of mounded horizontal cylindrical steel vessels for pressurised storage of LPG at ambient temp.
- IS (India Standard), Vietnam Standard
- All kinds of Wind and Seismic Codes