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◌ Ongoing Project (Dec. 2018)
  Date 2018.12.12 Hits 1248

1. Duqm Refinery Project (with S-TANK Engineering): (started Oct. 2018)

::Storage Tank (26 items 47 sets): CRT, DRT, FRT

::Detail Drawing, FE Analysis


2. Hyosung Vietnam PP4 Project (with KTT Plant): (started Oct. 2018)

::Ethylene Double Wall Storage Tank (1 item) 

::FE Analysis


3. LSP Tank Farm Project (with POSCO E&C): (started Dec. 2018)

3.1 Refrigerated Liquefied Gas Storage Tank (3 items 4 sets)

  ::LPG, Ethylene, Propylene

  ::Strength Calculation, BOG Calculation, Detail Drawing, FE Analysis

3.2 Vendor Print Review for Spherical Tank (6 items 12sets)

  ::Engineering Drawing, Strength Calculation

  ::Review: Strength Calculation, Detail Drawing, FE Analysis Report