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★ Job Posting for foreign workers
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:: Applications were closed ::


TOMATOENC (Busan, South Korea) is total solution company providing Engineering Services for Gas & Oil Plant, Petrochemical Plant, Power Plant and Steel Structure. This company have been committed the business with the large scale domestic and international companies (Doosan Heavy Industries, POSCO Engineering, Samsung Engineering, GS E&C, S-Tank, Hyundai Engineering, TOSHIBA-TPSC, Petrofac, etc.) for over 10 years. With this rapid growth, we are looking for new global talents working with us for a long time. If you are interested in working with us, please email your resume to tomato@tomatoenc.com


Our main business

 1. Engineering Services for “Various Storage Tanks”:Cone Roof Tank, Dome Roof Tank, Floating Roof Tank

     Double Wall Storage Tank (App. “Q” and App. “R”), Spherical Tank.

 2. Engineering Services for “Petrochemical Equipment”: Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Tower

 3. Engineering Services for “Power Plant Equipment”: Desulfurization Equipment, HP & LP Heater, Condenser

4. Engineering Services for “Steel Structures”: Stair Tower, Tank Platform


Job overview

Finite Element Analysis: Thermal, Elastic, Elastic-Plastic, Buckling, Dynamic, Fatigue, Creep

Analysis based International Standard (ASME, API, AISC, EN, Etc)

Strength Calculation Sheet by Excel (API, EN, Local Design Standard, Etc)

Reporting in English

1. Position: FEA Department (Busan, South Korea)

2. Employment Type: Full-Time

3. Education Level: Master or Ph.D (Fresh graduate)

    (If you have a bachelor's degree, you can not get working VISA in Korea)

4. Qualifications:

(1) Major in Mechanical Engineering and related majors

(2) English speaking ability (must be fluent in English)

(3) Age Limit: 21~32years old

5. Duties and Responsibilities: Finite Element Analysis and Strength Calculation

6. Working Hours: 40 hours per week (overtime when needed)

(1) Weekday: from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (lunch time: 12:30~13:30)

(2) Saturday, Sunday and National Holiday: off

7. Submitted Document: Self-introduction, Resume and Transcript

8. Application Period: Current ~ Oct. 05. 2018 (It's possible to close the application early)

9. Document Screening Procedure (screening result will be notified individually)

- Suitability and qualification of the applicant to the field of recruitment

- English capability and computer skill

- Personal character, talent, aptitude, creativity, passion 

10. Interview Screening Procedure:

- We will visit your location for interview after document screening

- Free talking in English about Technical subjects, Work ethics, Life in Korea, Etc

11. Intern Period: 2 months

12. Formal Contract: signed at the expiration of the intern time.

Salary and Benefit:

1. SALARY (excluding tax, can be changed based on personal ability, max.10%)

(1) Intern Period:

- MASTER: $1600 per month + house + lunch money ($120 per month)

- Ph.D: $1800 per month + house + lunch money ($120 per month)

(2) After Formal Contract: the first year

- MASTER: $1800 per month + house + lunch money ($120 per month)

- Ph.D: $2200 per month + house + lunch money ($120 per month)

(3) After Formal Contract: the second year

- MASTER: $2200 per month + house + lunch money ($120 per month)

- Ph.D: $2800 per month + house + lunch money ($120 per month)

(4) Will raise salary every year (5~15%)

:: House (Studio Type): around $500 per month

Bed, cable TV, refrigerator, gas stove, washing machine, AC, bathroom, hot and cold shower, heating, near office



(1) Three social insurances (health insurance, a state pension, work injury insurance)

(2) Retirement pension

(3) Incentive bonus, weddings, funerals, holiday presents ($300~$3000)

(4) Summer Holiday (9 days)

(5) Office supplied and Employee Lounge

  - Free hot and cold water, ice, coffee, several kinds of teas, snacks, cup noodles

  - Sofa, cable TV, AC, Heater, Massage Chairs

(6) Company retreat and conference, kind and qualified co-workers, equal treat with Korean workers


(1) E7 VISA (special Korean VISA)

- Working VISA for foreigners who are Master or Ph.D or specialist having special skill or expert knowledge

- Can live with family in Korea during working in Korea

(2) Members of a family will also benefit from health insurance and free education like Korean

(3) One foreign worker from Indonesia is already working with us


If you want to know further information about our company and works, please refer to our website.