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◌ Design for aluminum suspended deck frame and corrugated sheet of double wall storage tank
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Aluminum corrugated plate, Aluminum corrugated sheet, Suspended deck frame, Suspended insulation deck,

Calculation for aluminum corrugated plate, FEA for aluminum corrugated sheet, FEA for suspended deck frame,

Double wall storage tank, Liquified gas storage tank, Refrigerated liquefied Gas Storage Tank, Cryogenic suspended deck,

Cryogenic above ground storage tank

If you want to know design code, calculation process and FEA process, please contact us,


Step1: Analyze Specification and Related Codes > Concept Drawing based on Experience 

Step2: Calculation and FE Analysis > Initial Drawing

Step3: Revision > Final Drawing



1. Design for Aluminum Corrugated plate


◌ Finite Element Analysis






◌ Calculation






2. Design for Aluminum Suspended Deck Frame 


◌ Load and Load Combinations




◌ Initial Result and Final Result