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◌ Buckling analysis of vessel under High temperature load
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Buckling Anlaysis, Pressure Vessel, heat treatment, High Temperature, ASME SEC. VIII Div.2


I want to introduce Buckling Analysis based on ASME SEC. VIII Div.2 by using ANSYS.

Refer to attached pdf file.  


1. For Thermal analysis:

    - Steady state during Holding time was considered.

    - Two different conditions of convection loads are considered (Case-1 and Case-2).


2. For Structural analysis:

   - Half model was used (symmetrical BC applied)

   - 100% of Empty Weight is considered conservatively, applied on the Shell-Top Head junction.


3. For Evaluation:

   - Linear Buckling analysis in ASME Sec.VIII Div.2 Code (Par. was used.

   - Required Buckling Factor for cylinder under axial compression: 2.84



 (Attached file is available freely for non-commercial, but not freely for any commercial use)